Question ground looking Karen Millen Coat

Question ground looking Karen Millen Coat

Eight elder brother the whole body month white the full-length gown is signing a person the green porcelain jar of Gao is at a half Karen Millen Coat beside, at will put more than ten spooler calligraphies in the jar.Listen to I come in, Karen Millen Coat he nothing important reaction, still carriage carefree Ya Di looking at a window outside.This angle from I, the side face that can see him.The sunlight beats in premojrfn through the window of six Leng spaces and shines on on his face, the spot is motley to refute, sees not pure his facial expression.

I not know last night 13 say what, also not know how his in the mind actually thought and dared not uttered a word, canned be foolish to sign at the door.Led along while, he once turned body, took a smile on the face and asked:"What do you do with 13 younger brothers yesterday Karen Millen Coat to have been already gone to?"I wanted Karen Millen Coat to think and asked:"13 didn't the elder brother say with you?"He way:"I am asking you now!"I am utterly confused, but careful a think and feel yesterday although it is said some spaces, Karen Millen Coat but after all nothing important can not to human speech of, hence is calm to stare at his double eye way:"13 the elder brother took me to drink in a place."

If he finish listenning to me, there is no reaction, is still that on the face the abyss of time of smile, just eyes settle settle the ground looking at my eyes and seem to think to directly see the deep place of my Karen Millen Coat heart going through them.I am calm and he feel a bit ashamed towards seeing a short while, finally and have to to turn Karen Millen Coat to turn head, pretend and seek seat to sit down and walked to leave his view.Just sat down, but he talked quietly:"Come over!"I lift up head the question ground looking Karen Millen Coat at him, he gently on smiling, Karen millen dresses still in a soft voice way:"Come over!"

I am certain he is slowly very earnest, have to a station to rise and lower the head, one step a move a ground of Ceng pass by.Arrive him nearby three far of time, I stopped down and lowered the head the water mill stone of lookinging at the foot floor.

He is tiny to smell ground lightly sigh tone, talk quietly:"I so terrible?"A side says, a side walked up 2.

I discover that each time as long as standing with him is near, I have already oppressed feeling and feel that the heart is also panic, the brain also receives, completely not the ability is normal to consider.He lightly my hand Wan get up, I the subconscious ground shrink a hand, he is tight tight hand, way:"Do not move!"He takes out a radiant blue from the bosom, in the middle is together deep red the jade bracelet of the fine thread of blood, go toward a my hand last go.