Herve leger dresses 2012 fashion shows

Herve leger dresses 2012 fashion shows

Being agitated is medium, already November.On the first just at side hall a little bit pure record tea-leaf, Wang Xi comes in, a side Karen millen dresses beats thousand, and a side says:"Elder sister, three the elder brother came!"I freely should voice, get down from the wood Dun, it is fragrant to order Yun blunt tea.

Hold tea, lightly tread to walk into, put tea at three elder brother Herve leger dresses table up.Hear while coming out three the elder brother say:"The son minister important affair noodles oejsdnkj concerning two elder brothers moves an emperor Ma."I this just the in the mind understand a while why did he come.He wants to Herve leger dresses lodge complaint to Herve leger dresses Kangxi:Prince imperial Yin the whole behavior bearing is inappropriate because is big elder brother the Yin is used Lama the Long nightmare of Ba Han Ge the Shu is evil to control Yin of.

I think, how do I always would not until at the last moment know?However there is really no way, I knows probably and has so a piece affair, can concretely when take place, and then is how to take place, it is really not to know.Now was to wait prince to reset.Suddenly thinks of eight Yes they, can not help having some to worry.After beyond the frontier came back, Herve leger dresses have never seen already, don't know recent they and then did for the sake of this position what.Think to want to go, finally can sigh tone to thought of no matter how it is, always lifeless insurance of!Their disasters Herve leger dresses would not until at four elder brother mount the throne after truely start.

Three after elder brother walk, Kangxi immediately sends the person searches to the abode of Yin and indeed as expected searches'the nightmare win'of thing, Kangxi is great anger, immediately issue order the Herve leger dresses Yin Duo Jue, at mansion Gao Qiang inside imprison, sternly Herve leger dresses watch.But the didn't do any treatment to the prince, still keep being imprisonned in last side in the Si hospital.Although dynasty inside the claim resume moving of prince's position chapter in succession since then.

This how many days I always don't thought of from the forbidden ground big elder brother Yin , time read to this history in those early years have been Herve leger dresses already doubted, this was really big elder brother what Yin does?Does he really seek an emperor with the so funny means?But everything of everything, I still have no answer now.In my eyes place the blame for the prince's behavior on big cursing of elder brother, really absurd.Can the all these was such occurrence.And superficially see, Kangxi's seeming is also trusting.As for say his to believe to is another feelings compromises, on the other hand take off offense for Yin and on the other hand lend this Cheng to cure big the elder brother really once did irregularly to the prince of raise;Or the ancients really believe these things, I really can not know.

I just think, from now on rise until Yong positive 12 years, You dead, big the elder brother be totally imprisonned for 26 years!The first person that is imprisonned appeared, then prince Ye, then 13, then eight elder brother, nine elder brother, ten elder brother.My mightiness of shout to stop to I, can not think again, can not think again.