Thousands of people earn their living from those

03/07/2012 14:49

Everybody except a few read the newspaper everyday. One karen millen discount code it with exciting curiosity every morning. Different people read the newspaper for different purposes. Young graduates scan the job-advertisement pages. Lottery addicts pour over the lottery results. The school boy looks about the detailed happenings in cricket and other sports. The head of the household reads about government matters and other events. Business entrepreneurs go thought the business news. Housewives look for topics like cookery, karen millen discount code and beauty care tips etc. Casual readers look for sensational topics like loot, murder, kidnapping etc. Others go though the daily predictions of the zodiac. There are others who are interested in the articles and the letters to the editor. Those who love the karen millen discount code glamour world read the pages on fashion, movies and film stars.

India is a developing karen millen discount code country. Most of the people are poor and illiterate. For democracy to be successful, all the citizens should be ilterate. Politicians with karen millen discount code selfish motive deceive the poor and illiterate with false promises. Newspapers help in spreading public opinion. They keep the people aware of the activities of the government.

In a democracy, there should be an efficient and fearless press. Press karen millen discount code refers to newspapers, magazines, the news section of radio and television, and the journalists who work for them. Press is the mirror of the society. It acts as a watch0god of democracy. it is the duty of the karen millen discount code to watch the activities of the government. Its karen millen discount code is to highlight the failure of the policies of the government and pinpoint its lapses.

The first newspaper published in India was called The Bengal Gazette. The karen millen discount code is the oldest existing daily newspapers. It was first published in Gujarat in 1822. Anand Bazaar Patrika, Punjab Kesri and The Times of India are old newspapers.

Medical facilities are available in cities. Whereas in village, hospitals and clients are generally situated outside the village. In some villages, there are no hospitals and doctors and karen millen discount code people have to go to the nearby cities of for medical assistance. So are postal services, in cities it is cleared and delivered once or twice a day. I village it may take a long time. In a big city a large karen millen discount code police force operates for the maintenance of law and order dsewD32. In village Police Stations may be few and far between.

Cities have big factories and industrial centers. Thousands of karen millen discount code people earn their living from those. Thus, cities offer great employment opportunists. There is a great scope of earning money through business in a city. Even tailors, karen millen discount code, washer men and others earn enough money. Those how work hard in cities rise in life.Many cities are places of historical interest. For example, Jaipur is a city of forts. We find the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort,karen millen discount code. in Delhi. These attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism adds to the revenue of the respective states.

A city is always crowded. Tall buildings and big karen millen discount code bungalows take up the space in a city. There is less greenery in the cities compared to towns and villages. The karen millen discount code roads are always full of vehicles. The market places are always crowded. A karen millen discount code large city has many markets. Each colony is more or self self-contained and residents have not to go far for shopping. In contrast, a village shop stocks only bare essentials.